The Back-Story

When four friends gathered together at a beachfront cottage, they had no idea a new product would be born.

Upon arriving in Crystal Cove, their first order of business was to enjoy a few cocktails before heading to the beach. They stopped by the local liquor store to buy a sweet tasting, smooth vodka that wouldn’t break the calorie bank, but there was one slight problem. The liquor they were looking for didn’t exist. 

But where there’s a will, there’s a way. These friends decided if they couldn’t get the vodka they wanted, then they would make it themselves.

They purchased some fresh and fun ingredients from the farmer’s market, a few bottles of high quality liquor, and set to work experimenting back at the cottage. They mixed and muddled throughout the night, testing and trying a few different batches of drinks. As they indulged in the creations they made, the friends decided they needed to perfect their recipes to create a low-calorie, sweet-tasting, high quality vodka that everyone can enjoy.

And so, First Avenue Vodka was born.

our sweet little not-so-secret

Any night out or in deserves to be enjoyed with no added stress… or sugar. Kick back and enjoy First Avenue knowing that our flavored vodkas are sweetened with Splenda® (a.k.a. sucralose), the no-calorie sugar substitute. The only thing you’ll need to worry about is whether or not to refill your glass.